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Hear is a list of common questions regarding our web sites.


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Getting Started with your new web site Frequent Questions

Here is a list of common questions regarding our web sites.

Is my site going to be a cookie-cutter template?

NO! A cheap looking or dated web site will not gain your clients trust or business.

At EZ Loandocs our professional designs will give your company the powerful image you are looking for. We don’t believe in selling one web site in 40 different colors because we know those sites don’t work and if you buy a site from us that doesn’t deliver results, you won’t be a long term customer. That’s why each one of sites is a unique style and we offer dozens of unique designs of to choose from.

You can have all of the latest and greatest tools but if your site is a cheap-looking cookie-cutter, the average visitor is going to quickly click onto the next web site without ever using those tools.

Do I get technical support with my web site?

Yes! Your web site comes with a dedicated account representative who will help you with everything from setting up email to help you rank higher in the search engines.

Does the site come with email accounts?

Yes, we offer both POP3 (Outlook, Outlook Express) and webmail (using Internet Explorer). Each email box comes with 500MB storage and spam and virus filters – included in all plans.

Emails By Plan

  • Standard: 2 email boxes
  • Gold: 10 email boxes
  • Premiere: 50 email boxes
What if I already have my own domain name (URL .com)?
Yes, if you already have your own domain that is fine, you will just enter your domain name on signup and when we provide instructions and support for putting your site live.

Please note: if you don’t have a domain name yet you can purchase one at sign up, you will need a domain name to make your site live.

Are there hidden costs?
We do not believe in hidden costs and charges (like selling you a site for a low price and then surprising you with a high per user fee). We offer excellent up-front pricing without gimmicks.
Will my site have a flash intro?
We do not recommend flash introductions for a variety of reason. The main reason being they aren’t very professional. If you look at any of the fortune 500 company’s websites, none of them will have a flash intro. A flash intro is good for some sites like a hip hop band or vacation resort but not a professional web site.

That being said we do have flash on the home pages of many of our web sites. This gives you the dramatic effect you are looking for, without losing credibility or testing the patience of busy potential borrowers. And of course if you really want a flash intro, our flash designers are excellent and you can always have one developed.

Can I edit my web site?
Of course! You can easily edit text, change and upload photos, add new pages, pdf documents, you can even edit the source code!

Can I edit and customize my 1003 application?

Many people choose our web sites because it comes with the best and only editable 1003 application. It user-friendly design results in less partially completed apps. Not only is it the easiest, most advanced, user-friendly app – it is also the only one brandable to your company (which is especially important in today’s era of internet scams).

Will I have web site visitor statistics and tracking?

Yes, you will have complete tracking viewable by hour, day, week, and month. Including how many visitors came to your site, how long they stayed on your site, what pages they visited, the website that referred them to you, and more.

Do I have to provide the content and text?

No, we offer complete content on everything from first home purchases to reverse mortgages. Of course if you want to change any text to match your personal approach, you can easily do so.

Does the site come with calculators?

Yes, you will have powerful tools including, a suite of mortgage related calculators, like payments for different rates and calculators.

Will my site have advanced lead generating ability?

Each one of our sites is different but they are designed to generate and capture leads. Professional design delivers professional results. We strategically place a quick contact form on pages so that you are more likely to get a lead from a person that surfed to your site, or someone that got your mailer and wasn’t ready to fill out a 1003 or call you at 10PM but the professional design and convenient quick app provides you with a fresh lead to greet you with your cup of coffee in the morning.

Will I have e-marketing with my site?

Yes, we offer complete e-marketing solutions. First all of our sites are designed to be search engine friendly – no flash or JavaScript menus. Why? Because these are search engine killers and one of our most common request from customers is to be ranked high in the search engines.

We offer you the ability to edit the meta tags and show you how to place keywords strategically for higher placement. Of course, our expert seo team also optimizes sites to ensure first page ranking for lead generating keywords (extra fees)

In addition to search engines, we help with banner ads, newsletters, rate trackers, and much more.

Is the site secure?

Security and reliability is paramount. Our servers are housed at a level 3 facility that is manned by security cleared personnel 24 hours a day. No one gets near the server without permission. There are diesel generators to backup in the event of a power outage or other emergency.

Our secure application is entirely transmitted over secured connections and all data. This is where most companies stop, but we further encrypt data so that all data is stored with military strength encryption.

Can I post rates?

Yes your site will feature updating rates (Monday – Friday) and you can update and add your favorite programs.

Can my borrowers view their loan status online?

Yes, after they apply online, your borrowers will be able to login and view the status of their loan online. Including key dates, outstanding conditions, and all transaction companies involved in their loan.

Why Should I use an ezloandocs.com web site?

Our answer, because “we are the best option.”

First: a web site is something your potential borrowers will see. Therefore you need a professional looking web site (not a cookie cutter template) if you expect your potential borrowers to think of you as professional company.

Second: a web site is something your borrowers will interact with. Therefore you need a web site with the latest technology – including customizable applications, rate alerts, interactive calculators and of course content.

Third: a web site is something your borrowers need to be able to find. We have a variety e-marketing solutions to help drive traffic to your site.

Fourth: you need the best web presence that keeps you under budget. Our advanced sites are available at surprisingly reasonable rates.

Fifth: you need a company you can count on. You don’t want to have to worry that your site is down, emails aren’t working, or your less computer savvy borrowers can’t navigate your site or secure application. We have outstanding service and you will have a personal account rep that you can always call if you need help with anything.

And of course you want a site that delivers results!
That’s the real reason to pick an ezloandocs site.