Reverse Mortgage Web Site Templates

Reverse mortgage is the hottest product in most of the nation. We can help you market your company in reverse mortgages. Your site will give you more legitimacy than your generic competition and of course we provide you with reverse mortgage apps, content and complete control to modify your site to your needs.

Turn Key Reverse Mortgage Package

Monthly Plan:

$49 monthly
$99 Setup Fee

Annual Plan:

Save Almost 200$

$499 annualy
No Setup Fee!

Reverse Mortgage Web Site Solutions

Reverse Mortgage Web Sites:

Our web sites have it all – lead generation, a professional presence that offers instant credibility that rises above your competitors inferior sites. The pre-built content, reverse mortgage application this is a complete turn key system. But if you want to customize anything from buttons, to flash, to images to adding pages, files, links, password protected pages to the site you can easily do it (Yes live person training comes with the site).

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Reverse Mortgage Package Features

EZ 1003 Application
Yes *

The most advanced user-friendly online application on the internet. Receive more completed applications with our user friendly interface and smart answer technology.

  • Importing Directly into LOS (Calyx Point, Encompass, etc)
  • View / Print as Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Customizable To Your Company
  • Complete Security – Military Strength Encryption
  • User Friendly – more completed apps, more satisfied borrowers
  • Cell Phone Alerts
  • Spanish Version
  • Pre-Qual App
  • Multiple Loan Officer Capability
  • Plus More!
Web Pages

Your web site comes pre-built with compelling content. In addition to having the most professional looking web site – you will have the best written content. Of course if you want to change any of the wording to custom fit your business, you can easily do it.

Complete Library of Content!

10GB per box

Your web sites includes a complete email solution as well. 500 MB of storage per email box.

Here is a partial list of email features:

  • 10GB of storage PER BOX and near 100% uptime
  • POP3, IMAP – Use with Outlook, Outlook Express
  • Webmail – access your email at home or on the road
  • Calendar, Contact Manager
  • Anti-Virus and Spam filtering built it in
  • Email Rules – filter your message based on sender or contents of email
  • Large Attachment limits
  • Free Technical support to help you setup and access your email

Your web site will come with advanced yet easy to use calculators to help your borrowers, and to provide “stickiness” to your site.

Here are a sample of calculators and tools:

  • How much can I afford Calculators
  • Refinance Analysis
  • What will my monthly payment be?
  • Which Loan is right for me ?
  • Renting Versus Buying Analysis
Search Engine Optimization Tools

Submitting to search engines is the first part of battle. Next you will need to optimize your site for specific keywords.

With our tools you can easily do this:

  • Optimize on-site keywords
  • Optimize page title
  • Optimize meta-tags
  • Free Training
  • Plus More!
Lead Generating and Capturing Tools
Yes *

If generating leads is the primary goal of your site, then you have come to the right place. Lead Generation is both and art a science. This means you need technology but you also need design.

Anyone can read a book and build a web page with a form, but of course not anyone can build a page with design and content that compels higher form completions or phone calls. You need to move past flash buttons and scrolling text.

Our pages use the science of color, placement, advanced user interface and design that establishes credibility and calls to action, resulting in higher lead generation.

Mortgage Articles

First you need a professional looking web site (if you have a badly designed site or a cookie-cutter design, you can have great content but a lot of borrowers won’t bother to read it, because they won’t trust doing content from a poor looking site). In addition to having a top of the line design, we provide you with whole library of compelling pre-written for your site.
Some article include:

  • FHA / VA Loans
  • Cash-Out Refinancing
  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Mortgage Terms Explained
  • The Loan Process
  • Plus Much More!
Content Management (edit pages)

Your web site will be ready to go with pages of compelling content as soon as you sign up. But of course you might want to personalize your site. If you have special programs you want to emphasize or if you just want to change some text to fit your company’s style – it’s your choice. You can add pages, change text and add text, images, buttons, links, menus, embed video, tracking code, and even add documents. Of course or content management system is easy to use!

Here are few popular uses of our content management system:

  • Add your own photos!
  • Add new pages!
  • Upload files and documents, like flyers, PDF’s, word documents, etc
  • Add Links to your partners web sites!
  • Easy to use editor
  • No HTML knowledge needed!
Add Your Own Pages

When you purchase one of our web sites you are going to have the most compelling content available with a wide variety of relevant pages like: purchasing, refinancing, imperfect credit, the list goes on but you might have a special niche or program that we don’t have a page pre-built for.

That is why we allow you to easily add new pages to your site

  • Easy to create
  • New pages will match your existing site style
  • Add photos too
Add Your Own Documents

In addition to adding pages, you might have specific documents for your borrowers (or business partners) to view – that is why we make it easy to add to documents to your site – no need to worry about email spam and virus blockers – plus they can access files 24/7!

That is why we allow you to easily add new pages to your site

  • PDF’s
  • Excel Files
  • Word Documents
  • Power Point Presentations
  • And More!
Smartphone Tablet Ready

We don’t use flash on any of our new sites! You may have heard flash doesn’t work on your iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones and tablets. So we replaced flash with 100% mobile compatible slideshows. All of our links, tabs, navigation menus are fully optimized for mobile as well. Don’t worry about forms either – you’ll get all your leads even if they come from someone viewing your site on a phone or tablet!

Web Site Statistics

With your new site, you will be able track your web site visits and statistics. You will be able to see how many visits you get each day, month, even the time of day.

Here are a few of the many web site tracking features:

  • Track visits from search engines
  • Track the keywords and phrases searched for
  • Track what web site the person came from
  • And More!
Loan Status

In today’s busy world it is often hard to reach people. You might be on the phone or in a meeting and your borrower can be in the same situation. By providing your borrowers loan status online, they can check their status at their convenience.

Partial Feature List:

  • Notify Borrower of outstanding loan conditions
  • List Important Dates such as rate lock date
  • List Transaction companies such as appraisal and title company
Referral Loan Tracking

If you work with realtors or other professionals that refer loans to you, they often want to know the status of those loans. With our referral loan tracking, they can login and view the status of the loans that they referred to you.

Works with:

  • Realtor
  • CPA’s
  • Attorney’s
  • Just about any profession
Password Protected Pages

Add a password protected zone to your site, great for restricting access to sensitive company training materials, or for forms and documents used by clients.

Business Partner Referral Network

A great way to increase traffic to your site, increase your search engine and improve your business networking is by using our Business Partner Referral Network!

This is a win-win for you and your business partner’s, categories include:

  • Realtors
  • Construction Firm, Contractors
  • CPAs
  • Lawyers
  • And many more!
LO Mini Sites

One of the great features of our premiere sites are the loan officer mini-sites. Each one of your loan officers can have their own unique web presence. This helps build loan production, helps lo’s marketing and even company morale.

Here are a few features of the LO Mini Sites:

  • Each Loan Officer has their unique 1003 application
  • Each Loan Officer has their own web address
  • Loan Officers can add their photos and their own bio and message
  • Automatically add and delete lo sites
E-Marketing Package

Marketing your site online is a crucial part of your web site success. We help you market with each package. Our premiere package features advanced tools such as our Business Partner Referral Network, Banner ads and more.

Here are a few features of the Marketing Package:

  • SEO tools
  • Traffic Building Tools
  • Banner Ads
  • Plus more
Personal Web Master

With our premiere package you will have a personal webmaster – to help you customize your web site! Our professional design team will make sure your site works by making sure your logo and photos and text are properly added to your site when its setup

Here are a few features of the Personal webmaster:

  • Professional Logo Integration
  • Professional Photo and Image placement
  • Custom text added
  • Plus more
Banner Ads

With our premiere package you be able to have banner ads to help your internet marketing efforts. Banner ads are set to industry standard sizes for easy implementation.

Multi-Office Sites

If you have multiple-branch office and would like visitors to be able to apply directly with a specific branch and view each branches loan officers and staff then the multi-office site add-on will be perfect for your site.

Live Chat

Our new live chat module (included with premiere sites) allows you to chat live with your site visitors as well as view who is on your site and what city the are in AND you can invite them to chat to pro-actively engage your site visitors!

Real Estate Listing Engine

Do you want to add property listings to your site? Have google map power search? Feature realtors you work with listings? You can do it and of course its all state of the art 2012 developed code. You’ll have images, features, google street view, and more! Included with the premiere package.

Search Engine Optimizer

We will meet with you to determine your target market and then optimize your site for up to five sets of keywords as well as optimizing for local search.

Branch Sites

If you have multiple-branch office and would like visitors to be able to apply directly with a specific branch and view each branches loan officers and staff then the multi-office site add-on will be perfect for your site.

Customizable Mobile Sites

Smart phone users (iPhone and Android, Galaxy, etc) will be sent to a special mobile site designed for their screens. The mobile site allows you to maximize lead generation from mobile platforms. It is prebuilt and ready to go with site launch but it is also fully customizable, you can add pages, create lead capture forms, edit text, change colors and more

  • Mobile Lead Capture
  • Designed for smart phone screens
  • Prebuilt and ready from day 1 but also fully customizable
  • Editable add lead capture forms, etc
  • Change colors, text, menus, add pages and more
Social Media Module

With our revolutionary new social media plugin you have your sites automatically display your networks. A custom facebook company page that puts you in the top tier of facebook company pages. AND our anytime one post module allows you to do one post that updates to your facebook, twitter and blog and you can schedule the posts for anytime in the future. How says that to be a social media master you have to constantly post and update a million different apps?

Landing Page Wizard

Our landing page wizard is one of our biggest breakthroughs in lead generation marketing. In case you aren’t sure what a landing page is (also known as a squeeze page or doorway page) its a one page website designed to generate leads for a specific product. Our landing page wizard allows you create up to 25 unique landing pages for different campaigns and products. Each page contains your logo, phone number, a brief product description and a lead generating form. You can create a search engine and customer friendly URL, for example you can have or that directs to specific landing pages.

The possibilities for landing pages are endless but they are designed to be used with specific campaigns and advertising tie ins like PPC. If you are advertising on a rate site like you can redirect visitors to a landing page for the program you are advertising – this is much more effective in lead generation than directing users to your traditional home page. You can also develop landing pages that work with your networking. For example if you are working with a realtor you could create a landing page with their logo and promote your co-branding will growing business.

The landing page wizard is included with the premiere package.

Optional Add-Ons

In addition to these plans we understand that are many companies with unique needs and offer custom solutions catered to fit your companies specific requirement.

Spanish Site:

$49 monthly
$699 Setup Fee

Loan Officer Pages:

$49 monthly
$99 Setup Fee

Loan Status Module:

$29 monthly
$49 Setup Fee

Live help:

$10 monthly
$50 Setup Fee


$25 monthly
$75 Setup Fee

Real Estate Listings:

$25 montly
$0 Setup Fee


$19 monthly
$50 Setup Fee

Social Media Setup:

$0 montly
$249 Setup Fee

Turn Key Reverse Mortgage Package:

Monthly Plan:

$49 monthly
$99 Setup Fee

Annual Plan:

Use code LMA2

Save Almost 200$

$499 annualy
No Setup Fee!

Custom Reverse Mortgage Package:

Call for detailes.

Monthly Plan:

$2499* Setup Fee

Annual Plan:

$2499* annualy
No Setup Fee!

*=results vary based on total marketing strategies.

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