Online 1003 Mortgage Applications

Our secure application service updated for 2019 allows your borrowers to fill out the 1003 or a short pre-qual application via a mobile application or desktop/laptop view. The same with our secure document uploader (additional cost). Its all brandable to your company of course!

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1003 Overview

Form FAQ's

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Online 1003 Application Forms

Borrower Applies on Phone Or Computer

Completes 1003 or Pre-Qual App on Secure Server

Instantly Receive Encrypted Application

Import Directly Into Your Loan Software

Borrower secure upload from phone or computer (optional $add-on)


Our “best in class” secure 1003 application service handles all of your online needs.

We offer you a branded URL with your company information (and optional loan officer branding), you add that link to your website, email signature, IG etc. Borrower fills it out with a mobile optimized application if they are on a smart phone. Or desktop version. The borrower can save the application at anytime to complete later. Once completed you’ll get a notification and import the application directly into your loan software.

If you also need to have borrowers securely upload documents they can then do that. And again they can use their smart phone to take a pic and upload directly from their phone, or scan with a computer.

From security, to user-friendliness, to importation into your LOS, to cell phone alerts, to Spanish versions, to instantly viewable Adobe Acrobat files – we’ve taken care of it.

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Your borrower will gain confidence in your company as they easily complete your secure 1003 form.

From the moment they click into your secure application and see that it blends seamlessly with your web site (you can match your site colors and add your logo to your application) to the email autoresponder they receive when they complete the application, they will know they are funding their loan with the right company.

And from the moment you receive a cell phone alert that you have received a new application to the moment you perfectly import our military strength encrypted application into your loan software, you will be thankful you have such an excellent tool in your arsenal.

You can even offer applicants the ability to select individual loan officers and the selected loan officer will then receive their own application (Corporate edition only). And even if you don’t have loan software on your computer, you can instantly view the app as a secure Adobe Acrobat file (pdf)

Our service offers unrivaled customization, including custom emails sent to your borrowers and form customization, so that your secure form will match your web site. We also ensure that you don’t lose leads by alerting you the moment that someone starts an application and you can even receive a message on your cell phone!

How It Works

The application allows your borrowers to fill out the 1003 or a short pre-qual application on your own secure web page.

Then you receive an email alerting you of a new application. Then from your loan software (Calyx Point, Genesis Contour, etc) you open a new file and easily import the new application. And if you are at home or don’t happen to have loan software on your computer, you can still view the application instantly as an Adobe Acrobat PDF (which is also the preferred document for printing applications).

Every page of the form is secured by the maximum 128-bit encryption.
The application is fully to seamlessly integrate with your web site, we will provide the HTML to add to your site as well as HTML embed code.

Free Trial – You can test drive the application risk-free for 10 days after that it is only $24.95 per month.

Key Features


Highest level encryption used. Data is encrypted in motion and at rest.

Mobile Application

Our responsive application is designed for smart phones because some of your customers want to do it all on the phone (you know millenials

Secure Document Uploader

After your borrowers applied, you are going to need documents from them, with our secure document uploader, then can get you documents easily and securely. Oh did we mention that you can give them a checklist of documents needed! And they can check them off as they upload them!

Mobile Document Uploader

Our secure uploader also always your borrowers (again millenials) to take a photo of documents and upload it all from their phone!

Edit Application Questions

We understand that you might want to ask some questions, not ask others, make some fields required, or make little required. We get it so with our add-on module you can add, edit, remove questions and make them required or not required.

Brandable to Your Company

Include your logo, select color scheme, licensing, and images to match your brand!

Multiple Loan Officers (Corporate Edition)

Individual Applications for your Loan Officers

Utilizes Smart Answer Technology™

Your Borrowers will fill out the application easily and accurately.

Imports instantly and Easily Into Loan Software

Your Borrowers will fill out the application easily and accurately.

Mobile Alert

Receive instant notification via your cell phone when someone is filling out an application

Technical Support

Our forms are EZ to use but should you have any trouble we are here to walk you through any issues.

Aplique en Español

You have the option of offering the forms in Spanish Online Too!

Short Pre-Qualification Form

If a potential borrower isn’t ready to fill out the 1003, you can still capture the lead securely

Customizable Autoresponders

You can send unique messages to your borrowers automatically


Ability to Save Form

If a borrower doesn’t have all of their information in front of them, its o.k. – they can save the form and return later to complete the application