Getting Started with your new web site Frequent Questions

Here is a list of common questions regarding our web sites.

Is my site going to be a cookie-cutter template? Answer

Do I get technical support with my web site? Answer

Does the site come with email accounts? Answer

What if I already have my own domain name (URL .com)?  Answer

Are there hidden costs? Answer

Will my site have a flash intro? Answer

Can I edit my web site? Answer

Can I edit and customize my 1003 application? Answer

Will I have web site visitor statistics and tracking? Answer

Do I have to provide the content and text? Answer

Does the site come with calculators? Answer

Will my site have advanced lead generating ability? Answer

Will I have e-marketing with my site? Answer

Is the site secure? Answer

Can I post rates? Answer

Can my borrowers view their loan status online? Answer

Why Should I use an web site?  Answer