You've seen we offer the best designed, most advanced web site but there's one more piece of the puzzle to solve. E-Marketing - like the old saying goes if a trees fall in the woods... If you have the best website but not traffic does anyone know it's there? That's why we offer a multi-pronged approach to increase we traffic from SEO to Social Media to PPC to utilizing your business network we can get that traffic to the site and then turn that traffic into leads.


“I was a web newbie and was really impressed with the professional training and now I feel like well not an expert but I've got great site that generates organic leads.”

Wayne Holcomb


Lead Generation

Lead Capturing Forms

We place lead capturing forms on nearly every page of every site we sell to maximize lead generation. Of course this is both an art and a science. You can have the science of where and how to capture leads - the form on the right part of the page, call to action, etc. But if you have a design that is flawed, unprofessional or overwhelming the user with a million calls to action, you can lose many potential leads. We use the Keep it Simple (KISS) method in our design to build the cleanest, most professional, most effective sites and forms available on the internet.


With our e-newsletter you can stay in touch with current and past borrowers as well as generate leads. We offer lead capturing newsletter sign up, as well as the ability to import your existing users. You can then send your newsletter through the control panel.

Free Reports

Free reports are a popular way to generate leads. From how to improve your credit, to tips for first time home buyers we have a variety of free reports available to help you capture new leads



The most advanced user-friendly online application on the internet. Receive more completed applications with our user friendly interface and smart answer technology.

  • Importing Directly into LOS (Calyx Point, Encompass, etc)
  • View / Print as Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Customizable To Your Company
  • Complete Security - Military Strength Encryption
  • User Friendly - more completed apps, more satisfied borrowers
  • Cell Phone Alerts
  • View / Print as Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Spanish Version
  • Pre-Qual App
  • Multiple Loan Officer Capability
  • Plus More!

Create Your Own Forms (beta)

In addition to your website coming with lead capturing forms on every page. You can create your own! This amazing tool is great for creating application for niche products or even creating applications that aren't related to the mortgage industry.

Landing Pages

If you are running a special campaign you often don't want to direct users to your home page but to a special "landing page" that is associated with that campaign. This page will be directed specifically to that campaign. For example if you have an FHA promotion you can have a special page with an image of a family in front of a house, bullet points about the benefits of FHA loans and a short lead capturing app. These are very effective in increasing the effectiveness of your advertising. And of course you can easily customize them through your control panel.


Optimized For Success

First off we design our sites with Google in mind. We don't use things that will punish you in Google For example a flash intro page instead of going to your home page is actually hurting your "real" home page ranking; we would never do that to you. Then we use techniques like CSS based navigation to improve your sites exposure in Google instead of flash links which aren't even seen by Google

Meta Tags

Meta Tags

You can optimize your meta tags on nearly every page to help you get to the top of the rankings. Don't worry if you don't have any experience you get free training when you sign up!

Tools include:
  • Optimize on-site keywords
  • Optimize page title
  • Optimize meta-tags
  • Free Training

Google Analytics

You will receive a free google analytics report every Monday showing you your site traffic. What search engine keywords people are typing to get to you, what sites they are coming from, what pages they are viewing and much more!

Google Webmaster Ready

We also allow you easily sign up for Google webmaster tools, yahoo, and bing. This is great for the DIY crowd.

Enhanced SEO

If you are looking for more SEO exposure we offer enhanced SEO campaigns. To learn more about our next level approach to SEO please call 877-821-5451.

Social Media


We will help you set up your twitter account, including professional branding so you look like a big hitter even if you are a one-man shop. We also provide training on what and what not to tweet.

Facebook Fan Pages

As Facebook becomes the most important destination on the internet for many, we can help your exposure there. We will setup your fan page, show you how to use it and add widgets to your site as well.


We will setup your blog using WordPress the most powerful blogging engine on the market. Of course we brand it to your company as well.

Training for twitter, Facebook, blog

If all of this is new to you that's ok because it is new and you can't be an expert on everything. But don't worry our Internet marketing professionals will help explain these tools to you and show you the recommended best practices on using them.

Enhanced Social Media Marketing

If you are busy and don't have time to update multiple sources every day we can help with our enhanced social media marketing campaigns, please call 877-821-5451.


Campaign Setup

We will setup your PPC campaign - from picking keywords, to setting up your ads and directing the ads to the appropriate landing page destinations. We can save you a bundle by directing our traffic to targeted landing pages instead of your site's home page.

Tracking, Evaluation

Of course you need to measure your PPC campaign, we will measure conversion rate, evaluate, tweak to help enhance conversions, rinse, and repeat.

Landing Pages

If you are comfortable running your PPC but just need help with the landing page then we can help with that too. The right landing page is key to maximizing lead generation on PPC campaigns.